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Casa Titty bed and breakfast in Siena Casa Titty is a Bed and Breakfast in Rapolano Terme, in the province of Siena, which enables you to combine the benefits of a holiday surrounded by nature with plenty of possibilities for cultural excursions to discover the places that make Italy world-famous.

B&B Casa Titty is particularly suitable for families with children and for couples of all ages who are looking for a period of rest and relaxation away from the stress of the city.

In addition to providing very well-maintained accommodation facilities, Casa Titty stands out in particular for always being available to respond to customer queries, for spotless rooms and for the professionalism which governs its upkeep and maintenance.
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Casa Titty B&B offers a bed and breakfast service: each room boasts everything you need for a pleasant stay immersed in natural surroundings, without however depriving yourself of the comforts of contemporary life.
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Holiday home

Casa Titty is a holiday home in Siena, immersed in the heart of Tuscany. It is perfect for both large families and couples looking for a holiday which combines relaxation, nature, fun and culture.
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Get away from it all

Casa Titty B&B is immersed in the green and natural surroundings of the Tuscan countryside, which is loved by tourists from all over the world for the peace and tranquillity it instils, as well as for its high Western standard of living.

Availability and professionalism

Availability and professionalism The staff of the Casa Titty Bed and Breakfast, near Siena, puts itself at the service of customers with the utmost availability and professionalism. Each employee is always ready to listen to guests' requests and satisfy them whenever possible.

Furthermore, the B&B staff is on hand to provide suggestions regarding places of historical and cultural interest that are worth visiting during your stay, as well as the most enchanting nature trails and the best restaurants in the area.

They also work daily at maintaining and cleaning the accommodation and its facilities in order to provide a warm and comfortable welcome to our customers.


With many years' experience in the hotel sector, Casa Titty Bed and Breakfast in Rapolano Terme, in the province of Siena, offers a level of service that stands out for its cordiality and professionalism. Its location is also perfect for anyone seeking a holiday where can feel immersed in nature but still close to centres of historical and cultural interest. 

Casa Titty's B&B provision means that breakfast is included in the price of the room, a service especially aimed at families with children as well as couples of all ages. 

For more details about prices in different periods of the year, for further information about the historical and cultural sites of interest in the area, or to check the availability of the room on a certain date, please feel free to communicate directly with the staff.

Call or write to the contact details provided on this website, and the staff of Casa Titty will be delighted to offer more information and details with respect our accommodation and beyond. 

The Casa Titty B&B in Rapolano Terme, between Chianti and Val di Chiana, is located in Via Fraschetta 22 in the 'Serre di Rapolano' hamlet, on a plateau overlooking the surrounding area.


Firstly, when it comes to Casa Titty's distinguishing features, we must without a doubt mention how ready the staff are to try and accommodate customer requests and queries. Indeed, the staff are always ready to listen to the requests of the guests and to satisfy them whenever possible: by getting in touch with the holiday home management team, visitors can obtain extensive information and advice on the activities that can be practised in the surrounding area. As everyone knows, Tuscany is a land with deeply rooted culinary traditions: the staff will definitely be able to advise you on traditional restaurants and trattorias where you can dine or have lunch with traditional and genuine products, coming directly from the surrounding countryside and cooked with wisdom. A second and no less important distinguishing feature of Casa Titty B&B is the professionalism with which the services for which the customer has paid are implemented: this professionalism means that the Rapolano Terme holiday home provides breakfast with products of exceptional quality.

Furthermore, the accommodation is constantly checked and subjected to regular maintenance and cleaning in order to ensure visitors stay in a clean, tidy environment equipped with all the necessary amenities.Last but not least, what we offer certainly has the advantage of being one of a kind. Providing an independent holiday home in one of the most enchanting areas of the region is not a service that is offered by many other businesses.

Visitors will be able to witness first-hand the architectural structures that characterise smaller Tuscan towns, as well as the larger cities of Florence, Perugia and Arezzo. Furthermore, it is possible to fully immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the tranquillity and peace that the are offers at any time of the year.



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